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Hatha Flow

A traditional yoga class suitable for everyone with yoga postures, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.  To wake up the body, we generate warm and thoughtful movement so that we feel light, strong and free for the day to come.


A dynamic style of yoga that uses sun salutations and a breathing technique called Ujayyi breathing to link poses into a creative, continuous flow. This practice cultivates awareness, mindfulness and presence, as well as the excitement of new and challenging poses and sequences. It is an alignment-oriented practice that develops strength, flexibility and balance in equal proportions.

Vinyasa / Yang

An invigorating, more energized, Vinyasa Flow class that will make you feel strong and balanced. You will work your muscles energetically not only to become a stronger, happier human but also to develop an awareness of what you are capable of! Using mindful breathing, accurate alignment, challenging asanas, and heat, you will work out those toxins to help rejuvenate and restore your body. Be prepared to try inversions, arm balances and backbends while having a great time!


Kundalini Yoga

Ignite the passion in your life with Kundalini Yoga.  We will be focusing on activating and aligning your chakras with a combination of posture, breathing, meditation and chanting to help you realize your highest potentials.

Dance Fit

Follow simple choreography designed to elevate heart rate, increase bone density, tone long lean muscles, activate natural body alignment and release endorphins.  No dance experience necessary. 


Cultivate the quiet and experience deep meditation.  Restorative yoga is a healing practice in which gentle poses are held for extended periods of time. In each pose we are fully supported and comfortable to allow the body to gently stretch, the mind to quiet, and the nervous system to calm. By practicing in a safe environment, we're able to rewire our overly-used nervous system so that we can react better and more quickly in times of "real stress."  This class is offered twice weekly for maximum benefits and continued growth. 

Gentle Yoga

Slow down and turn inward with this nurturing, meditative practice.  Gentle yoga will explore balancing ease and effort with a mindful approach to poses, awareness of breath and may use props to support the body.  Appropriate for all levels of experience and physical fitness, from curious beginners to advanced yogis looking to balance their active practice.

Yin Yoga

This quiet practice targets the deeper connective tissues by holding each
asana or pose for three to five minutes at a time. Although this style of yoga
is more slowly paced with fewer poses, being present with the stillness and the
duration of each pose creates its own challenge and level of intensity for body
and mind. Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to more active (yang) styles of
yoga and a respite from the fast-passed aspects of daily life. All levels of
experience welcome.

Prenatal Yoga

This class prepares the body, mind and spirit for the journey that is motherhood.  The poses and breath work in this class aims to promote optimal fetal positioning, while strengthening and supporting your changing body. Discover ways to move past discomfort and create peace and balance within. Practice in a community of fellow mamas, while connecting with yourself, and your little one, during this special time of growth.    

Mama and Baby Yoga Pre-crawlers

For mamas in their fourth trimester and beyond, aiming to help heal and strengthen the body after birth, while connecting with their little ones! Join fellow mamas as we aim to gently relieve areas of the body that need a little extra TLC during this beautiful time of transition. Mamas are encouraged to bring their little ones until they are crawling across the room, which at that point you've graduated to our older Mama and Baby Class!

Family Yoga

A gentle Hatha practice full of songs and play.

Kids Yoga  

 We’ll use developmentally appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, imagery and relaxation techniques to improve kids’ strength, balance and self-confidence.  Kids use their natural energy and enthusiasm to move, play, imagine and express themselves as they explore mindfulness, body awareness, positive health and Mother Earth.