Our mission is to create a non-binary safe space founded on principles of inclusivity, Intersectional Feminism and Eco-Feminism.

Our Guidelines:

  • We stand for the dismantling of white gaze, patriarchal culture and binary gender norms.

  • We stand for the education of all people on what it means to develop the process of true allyship, building relationships of trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals and groups of people.

  • We Value All Emotions As Essential Emotions and use tools of listening, sharing, meditation, movement, dance and vocalization to represent, reveal, and unravel the complex lenses we use to view the world.

  • Our work focuses on personal development so that we may be of maximum service on this planet, for each other and for all life.  

  • We believe all people share an innate connection with nature's rhythms and the Earth. These rhythms are reflected in the moon's cycles and learning to deepen and listen to this inherent connection can help us deepen our connection with one another.

  • We seek to develop a nurturing growth community to help us tap into our inner strength so that we may launch ourselves toward addressing the imbalances of power that so desperately need attention in this world.

  • Bolstered in this compassionate community, may we build each other up and cultivate the wisdom to use our voices and courage to lend our ears to the stories that have long been overlooked.